About Wes Dolan

Wes is a British songwriter/performer based in the Mansfield area of Nottinghamshire. He is recognised for songs such as Land Of Fear and Blue Moon Inn. Written for Philip Gardiner films, The Stone and The Blue Moon Inn.

Both songs featured in his debut album Reason To Exist which was released by Reality Entertainment and reached number 3 in the Amazon Blues download charts. He also appeared as a guest musician on Mindscape a Sky TV series for two seasons, as well as writing several music related articles for Mindscape magazine.

His lyrics are themed on political, cultural and philosophical issues. Inspired by artists such as Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones as well as his father Liam, and his uncle Joe Dolan. His music blends the genres of Folk, Rock and Blues.

Wes has performed for TV and films since April 2010, and at festivals, concerts and private events since 2006. The Stone – No Soul Unturned, which Wes also starred in, won an award for ‘Best Foreign Film’ at the Mountain Film Festival in 2011.

He has performed at public events showcasing various sporting celebrities including football stars Lee Sharpe, and Ray Parlour as well as former World Boxing Champion’s Frank Bruno, Johnny Nelson, Scott Quigg and Steve Collins.

He is currently available to hire for Film, TV, Radio projects and for public and private performance. Please view the Performance & Hire section for more details.



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