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Wes started working in Film and TV after being invited to work on The Plague, a futuristic British horror film, created and produced by Nik Spencer. He wrote several songs for the soundtrack. Impressed by his work, producers then asked him to play a leading role in the award-winning film, The Stone – No Soul Unturned (2011).

Wes played Craig in the film. A far out hippy type, travelling with a group of spiritual investigators. The group find a cursed artefact and one by one, they all meet their doom. Wes also wrote and produced a song called Land of Fear, which featured in the film. His character carries a guitar around on his travels and writes the song about the group and their investigative escapades.

In 2011, Wes also performed on several occasions as a resident musician for Mindscape on Sky TV. Songs from his debut album Reason to Exist, were broadcast through this series as well as a live performance with Arthur Brown performing his song, The book of Love. On this show, Wes also performed with China Soul, Steve Hackett and many other talented artists.

Wes wrote and recorded Blue Moon Inn for Paranormal Haunting – The Curse Of The Blue Moon Inn, as well as making a small appearance in Dark Watchers: The Women in Black (2012). He also featured in Awesome Killer Audition (2012), playing a judge in a talent contest that is taken hostage by a mad man who is upset at not making it through the rounds.

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